NOHIDE - Ethical Vegetarian Lifestyle

A combination of style and ethics


NOHIDE is an environmentally conscious brand that produces footwear distinguished by superior style and quality. Through the use of toxin-free, vegan materials we strive to create value for both our customers and the animals that they share their world with.

NOHIDE stands for ‘NO’ and ‘HIDE’ i.e. made without using animal skin. Only a limited number of shoes are manufactured, and the collection is produced exclusively in India. Microfiber leather is very similar to real leather in look and feel – it is lightweight, breathable, water repellent, resistant to wear and hypoallergenic. By using these materials, we are saving the lives of several animals and are being environmentally conscious.

NOHIDE shoes embodies a sustainable lifestyle that combines the elegance of the outstanding footwear design and the ecological awareness in all phases of production.


For the environment – durable and eco-friendly materials

For the people – free of toxics and allergens

For the animals – no use of leather


NOHIDE – Philosophy

"Non-violence leads to the highest ethics"

Thomas A. Edison


Founded in 2016, NOHIDE focuses on sustainable fashion. We offer high-quality vegan shoes produced in limited numbers using a very durable and valuable material known as MicroFiber. Our shoes are manufactured in world-class facilities that guarantee fair working conditions to its employees. Our vision is to create fashionable shoes more classic and durable than leather footwear while respecting our environment, the animals and the human health. Our shoes express ‘Ahimsa’, the Indian philosophy of nonviolence and respect for the lives of our fellow beings. We put this philosophy into action by making shoes that look and feel like leather shoes, but outperform and outlast leather in style and comfort. Due to the labour-friendly working conditions and use of vegan materials, NOHIDE footwear raises social awareness and reduces human impact on the enviorment.

NOHIDE shoes leave a social and eco-friendly mark

Indulge your feet with NOHIDE footwear. You will wear quality shoes and support the vision of a sustainable economy:

• To respect the environment, the employed materials are selected among the most sustainable and resistant available on the market.

• To respect men who manufacture and wear them, the materials of NOHIDE shoes are non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

• To respect the life of the animals, leather is not used. We import quality MicroFiber Polymer to replace Leather.

NOHIDE shoes stand out for the innovative materials, quality shoe construction and aesthetics.

The novelty is represented by the materials used: breathable, resistant to scratch and wear, non-toxic, partly recycled and recyclable. The superior quality of our footwear is aesthetically outstanding and ensures total comfort and fit.

To produce the NOHIDE footwear, we choose some of the best shoe-factories that manufacture for leading Indian and foreign brands and guarantee fair working conditions. Wise and skillful hands boasting extensive knowledge design and manufacture NOHIDE footwear.